i’ve been talking to the wall and only now i realised..

done! fine! im going back on my routine order.

i might be back in going green, back a vegan for the period of time. start back intensive, double intensive training.

i realised that ive been distracted all these while, i know im an emotional eater. eatting sweet stuffs, just makes myself happy at times. wth! i gotta stop my crap!

maybe going out for swensens once in a while is exceptional. sigh! and when im having it with a personal instructor and the person who wanted me to change. but still there’s still temptation to have more. sigh!

i remember him saying its about discipline. and i ought to teach myself that.

results will show if effort is implemented. this time im gonna make it right, i failed so many times. i put my best for this time round..


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