its commitment..

its been a week since we last meet, well i guess next meet up will either will be at around end of september or november. who knows? only he does..

i tried my best to put my commitment into it, but he’s just pushing his luck. at times, i just wonder why the hell i stick around, then again i realised that i still love him..

i want him, but i dont really need him.

when we met the other day, he told me face to face, eye to eye that he needed me, he needed me to support him. it seems so sincere he said. i put in effort, my commitment onto it, but he just pushes luck..

he knows that i still cares, that is why he does all these as he knows that i will always be there to do anything at all to make him happy..

well, at these moment i’m not pushing him. i’m giving him time to think and settle off his things..

there’s always chance for him, i never know why..

you are just very lucky..


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