the last few minutes of 2010 was so stupid! how could i have lighted it the other way round, such a madness of which i cant forget i did during the last few minutes of 2010 with him.

we did our countdown under the bus-stop opposite Zirca!

well, its something to remember when time pass or when either one of us go pass it. oh wells, it was afterall its something that i will never forget. an epic closure of 2010.

im glad that he really trust me and depend on me. there are things which he kept from his bestfriend and brothers and even from his home, things which only a handful number of people know. i do really felt honored!

seriously, i can saw another side of him which not everyone saw. the secrets and lies he have to get through with life and stuffs.

im utterly confused towards he’s act towards me, seriously i don’t know if i should just acted like nothing have happened or what..

he have been there for me, but there are just times of which we just backfired each other without knowing it. but then again we still stick around each other..

he’s like a brother that i always wanted..

oh wells, im just gald that he came back..


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