i really really sad, i didnt got in to spf. sigh! i just wonder, why the hell i didnt get it. sigh! its luck i guess, ive put so many effort into it. im really disappointed in myself. sigh!

i told rafiq, and i was disappointed with the replied i got from him. sigh! i looked up on him, and somehow he just doesnt believe in me somehow or someway. sigh! he should have known how badly i need the job, and all he can said was “oh ok try again”. wth! an opened ended conversation. seriously i was freaking speechless when i saw it. but than again its pointless..

sigh! im so devastated with myself, in looking up on someone who will just dont put his trust and 100% support on me. freak, who never want to see me move forward and just stick to the same place till the day i die. wtf! fml! ive should have seen it coming..

i told irfan, and at least i got a better respond on showing concern. seriously, thanks irfan!

next i was called for scdf’s fire and rescue specialist..

i told irfan, and he gave me support saying i should give it a shot. maybe who knows i would earn what i think off.

last person i told to was rafiq, and still his remarks were harsh. sigh! “go wherever the money takes you!”.  fml! now im a materialist bitch!



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