One book close..

its been awhile since i wrote. well, i’ve been too busy with work and stuffs.

seriously, i really miss the adventure, challenge and excitement of everyday work life which i used to have. practically having my patience to be tested by different people of different level, the too dumb, too clever, too possessive, too egoistic, and all as such..

well, i would like to thank lots to all the different people who have made my time in vivo worthwhile. unfortunately, i forget to state on the old entry.

The technicians; thanks for all the crappy talks and making me entertained. I believe all of you know why I pick to leave forever and not come back now, you all have seen things that needs no explanations. Thanks dudes!

– thanks to Reeno (for the knowledge of patience, and other random things), Hafidz a(thanks, for being my brother with the nonsense shoulder, that life lesson I learn and that noone else could have taught me better than you).  Abang Hairul (thanks for being that very older brother, who craps for entertainment). Abang Raais and Abang Hussin, thanks for the advice sessions of work.

The CSOs; thanks for those times which were filled with laughter, even though there was a periods when the waves were hitting very hard, and made the kayak capsized. but in the end, we got it back into the cockpit, and start paddling.

The management; thanks for giving me a platform to let me excel and explore on the areas I’m good at, understanding me for who I am. Thank you..

The Certis Vivo; thanks, for those who have been there and stuffs, and for those who hate me and such. well, all of us know it better who you are and what you do that for. oh wells, seriously, i don’t hate you at all but in fact i appreciate on whatever you do, as it have been a life changing factor and it made me realize on what I’ve been missing all these times. it was a life changing experience working with you people.

To those random people!

– Rafiq and team, that was hell of an adventure. thanks for teaching me lots of stuffs, which i have not known in details. it was a life-changing, lifetime knowledge. thanks!

– Ben Sherman people! Aidee, Joe, Mazri! Miss the closing, and random dancing session!

– Zara boy! aww! gonna miss you cutie face! even though you stay in yishun. hahaha..

– True fitness instructors! miss random look-out sessions!

– Six Accessories people! miss the discounts of 40%!!

– That football shop, beside secret recipe at level 2 boy! miss seeing your flat hair! see you at yio chu kang, randomly!

– Starbucks level 2 boy!  gonna miss my favourite drink!

There was lots of reasons I left vivo, too many too much say and would lead to a conflict, which i believe will jeopardize someone’s status. well, let god bless him/her.

Vivo ended!

I’m still trying to adapt to the new job. seriously, i miss daily challenges and excitement plus adventures. well, it leads me falling back to the greens once more, as now i got more time for myself and all my other stuffs and I’m being paid to do things I’m good at. its been barely two weeks, and my OM; Joyce has already trusted me in designing the new office, and also the access pass to the office. wow! cool shit!

I’ve to design her office, the pantry, smoking area and the QC’s room. wow! she trusted me that much, that to even to the interior design of the office.

well, maybe i stick there for awhile, as i know I’m unable to stay long..

having more time for myself and the greens, made me attend NCC 110 road relay. serious shit! i wanna thank taufiq so much!

yeah! having slumber, make-over, steam boat, movie marathons with the babes soon. very soon! all will be this coming week!

next outing with the out-riders; well I’m still in contact with them even though they are no longer attached as out-riders to Vivo and I’m no longer in Vivo. yesha! yazid and ramadan, both on same day please! maybe go sheesha together, and have random talking session. maybe i call nazrail along.

next zoo with my green men! taufiq! azril! azim! sukhbir! nessar! khairi! iman! iman! faris! and any other green crew!

next ncc day parade 2011! at amoy quee camp, with guest of honor, mr. president s.r nathan!

as june is fading away, lets not meet again like we did on august..


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