its been 3 months since i went back to the place i left 3 years ago. it was the place where it all started, and where it ended. so much memories made, laughter, tears, anger being shared all like a family. well, that was the one place which i knew i could depend on.

the place where i could run to, and forget everything. it was like a home to me. i could be myself, and we were all like brother and sisters.

there was the good and the bad, but we didnt care, all we knew that we had each others’ back. no matter what color or what our beliefs were. we didnt questioned about each others’ past or history. however we tried to support and encourage each other in every way possible.

we were there for each other, to wipe the tears on the faces, heal the broken, hear sob stories, and also venting our anger. it was physical, mental, emotional and also financial support. i could simply say we can count on each other.

we are the brothers and sisters of different parents, and there were that sense of belong with each other.

frankly speaking it was a place where i found myself to be happy.

unfortunately in every place, there’s always someone who trash and burn everything. and as time past one by one, we were told to leave or took our leave.

as i watch my brothers leave, it pains my heart and i knew its time for me too. its hard leaving my other brothers behind, but i assume that i can find another place like this again.

but i’m wrong..

so after 3 years of searching, i gave up my search and went back to where i started. sad to say, none of my brothers are there.

its a whole new atmosphere, new people, and somehow i feel lost.

today i sat outside, at the place where we all used to hangout during breaks gave me flashbacks. how much i miss those times.

i wonder where did everyone went to. i wonder why did i come back.

im lost all over again..


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