my 24th birthday is in a few minutes time, and i feel nothing. nothing special or whatsoever. frankly, i feel empty.

birthday loses its meaning as the years pass, dreams or surprises dont come true anymore. faking the smile and happiness is the in thing.

shutting down everything, before it strikes 12. pointless! thats probably the reason i always end up taking leave or off a day on the day and the day after..

i dont really find the need of celebrating, seriously i forgot when was the last time i celebrate it. frankly speaking, i feel that im long faraway from home..

i tried my best to keep myself together, but i cant handle the pain and emptiness much longer, im only human and i only can take so much. i believe, that one day out of nowhere i would suddenly breakdown.

seriously, all thise smiles and laughters were made up. nothing deep inside has feelings anymore..


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