its not a suprise that i didnt blew a single candle on my birthday, actually it was rather expected.

well, i tried my best to make everyone else’s birthday full of surprises and let them have the time of their life, as it is afterall their birthday. seriously, i really fucking sad! its like noone even care.

at the age of 24 and i dont even remembered when i had a freaking birthday party, or a big celebration. it was rather the same old darn thing, a dinner and thats was all. no cakes no presents and no surpirses.

im wasnt expecting much, but i do need to feel appreciated at a point of time. just one freaking day, thats all im asking. you said you’ll be there, but you didn’t..

i guess, it is just pointless. it just seems like im nothing.

i tried my best to please everyone around, but noone ever take notice. it is like a duty or an order that i have to follow, rather than me going the extra mile, that is what they think.

i feel used. noone really see how im suffering deep inside. how much pain i feel.

i tried to block my emotions, by keeping myself busy all the time. but when i get to bed, tears start rolling down…


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