seriously, i dont know what i should do anymore. everyone leaves, noone stays. i came back to whera it all starting, hoping that i could be wholesome once again. well, yes i did but only in a blink of an eye. now im here back alone.

one by one they leave, my heart ache. but i just cant stop them for finding their happiness. it was once a place we run around and had fun.

ive lost it all..

well, home didnt feel like home for a very long time. in every place theres always the black sheep, and at home im the one.

not to take things too hard, ive been keeping myself super busy. my health is affecting me greatly, but what to care, cause theres isnt a point anymore. i was suppose to have a knee surgery, MRI brain scan, x-ray my wrist, have treatment for my pealing skin and removal of the appendix. but who cares, cause noone knows, and i what for i should tell them. then again i’ll be blame for all of these in the end.

there are those people, i was able to talk everything about but some know bits and pieces, but in the end of the day i’ll still be judged.

whenever im sad, i miss him. he was there once upon a time. so many years back.. i tried to get over it, but he’s just different now as the time pass.

now im left alone, just that you are in the shadows..


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