Crossfit have made me to push harder..

Its gonna be the forth week with Crossfit, and being on Paleo. I’m glad that I got into both Crossfit and Paleo, it both have somehow affect me in my daily life. 

Crossfit have been a place where I let my hair down, and make me realize that I’m weak and that I need to buck up with everything, my Strength, Stamina, Endurance, Power and all of the other aspects, and that there is noone that is gonna save me or be there to cheer on to push harder. I’ve to myself fight the battle that is ahead. It me against myself. However, at least after a WOD when you are worn out, laying on the floor and breathing very hardly is acceptable. 

Its like the battle with life, but laying on the floor with teary eyes is not acceptable. It would simply means that you are weak, you have to suck it all in, shut up and smile. No matter how much it hurts, it just have to put on a mask and get on, maybe eventually you will get over it and the mask be part of you. 

Crossfit have proven me wrong, there are things that I believe couldn’t do but I could. Having to puke during first and second week of training sucks, but to know that I was better on third is awesome. Especially when you went unbroken, three times in a row.  I wanted to push harder, but $80 just paid for an hour session, not two. 

Maybe it is because I wanted and needed to achieve something out of Crossfit, and prove them wrong (those who said Crossfit will kill me, but it makes me more alive than ever). I just want to be better, better than I ever was and whatever else that comes with it is a bonus. The soreness after training, its like the tears that I should cry upon every hurtful feeling that I have.

Different people do Crossfit because of different reason, my was to lose weight but than again I realize that weight wasn’t the main issue. It was me proving people wrong, and for once just go with my guts without seeking blessings that will naturally would not occur. People would go for the challenges, thrill and fun of the sport, however whatever reason it is they were into it. Somehow I believe that the Crossfit Community is probably a community which will push people harder in a good way.

I barely see these enthusiasm and “family-like” spirit in other sports (from experience). I’ve been in a Netball team when I was young, and everyone (team members) just want to be the Captain, not everyone wants to be there to push each other but just get the rank. I played rugby for a little when I ended my Netball, it was all about the stronger ones pushing each other (I’m glad that I was one of those, but wasn’t proud that I didn’t let the little ones play much). However, being the photographer for Singapore Polytechnics’s Spartans (Rugby Boys), proves to me that a good game is a game with plans and patterns therefore you have to learn your enemy well, and outrun them. These are all team sports. 

Bodybuilding is one of the sports, which is about you going against yourself. It is how bad you really want to win the event. You work hard probably like 6 months (depending on you conditioning and also the goal you want to be). I’ve been supporting the sport, for close to over 8 years. I can say I know alot about it, but not all of. However, bodybuilding have their seasons, that on and off switch. You are able to junk the whole month right after your competition, and bulk up for a few months and next you will diet like to die for and only at cheat day you will loosen up. 

Bodybuilding is not just a sport, its also art in which your physic is your canvas. At the end of the day you not be judged only on your dedication but also the way you kill your competitors on the stage. 

However Bodybuilding is a sport that is mostly dominant by Males, not to say that it is a sports that is sexist. The female Bodybuilder that I look up to on her will power, dedication is Dana Linn Bailey. She is awesome! 

Being with the sport for so many years, and knowing so many of them who are into it made me want to try something different. That something that I know noone is doing, and not able to judge the experience without being a part of it. That pain, that achievement after a WOD not after winning the event. 

I guess I will do Crossfit for a long time, I wish to go on with personal training for about 4 more months and improve on my forms and posture and will then go on to regular classes. Eventhough personal training isn’t cheap, and people say training in a warehouse is nuts for $320 a month and still going to gym during weekdays. Crossfit isn’t about the money spent to make one better, its about that feeling achieving every other thing in life that Crossfit have somehow help me to overcome. 


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