you came back running..

Technology have been connecting people here and there and everywhere. Thank god for the invention of technology, making people all over the world watch the regionals live. I watch them in the wee hours of the morning, they being 15hours behind really made me do my maths well.

Social Media comes from the invention of technology, staying and being connected to each and everyone is common via Facebook or Twitter. It is very rare for someone to have at least one of the account. Well for me I’m connected almost in very Social Media.

Being part of these so called social groups, one’s privacy won’t be that such of a private thing at all. Once posted, almost the whole world would know. Whatever there is always attention given even though at times we never asked for it.

I have laid my words and my feelings on the table, and making him realized that things are not like it used to be. I just couldn’t give him my 100% commitment, as I do have other things on hand.

Upon so, you so suddenly portray a character as though you have missed me. After 4 months of me letting it all go, you came back and needed me to be there by your side?

I’m lost for words. When you left without a word, I begged myself to answer my heart and my mind and practically going against whatever you said that was wrong. I was gambling with every decision I make, and I did not even ask for any opinion like I used to.

When you came back you were amazed and applauded on the achievement I have made which you used to not support me to.

I’m practically lost..


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