Goodbye Neko


He was introduced to the family a month ago, I wasn’t kindda keen to have him as to me its a commitment to make. He was about 3 months old, and was previously abused where he stayed. His mother wasn’t in the good of health to take care of him and his sisters, and his father isn’t in the picture.

Even with a heavy heart of mine, my parents and sister took him in. Seriously, I never ever had a pet cat before, the only pets I had were birds, fishes and a hamster which tragically died last year; he is buried in the pot in the corridor of my house.

Having Neko around is kindda calming. Whenever I’m with my iPad and tuning on to youtube, he would sat in front of it and paid attention. He would watch the Crossfit Update Show or Barbell Shurgged with me; I kindda feel that he is on my side on doing Crossfit, when most are just against me doing it, therefore I feel great whenever he’s here with me.

Neko touched my face to wake me up. Whenever I was doing a report he would come up to me and tap me three times, cause I do that whenever I played with him. Whenever I came back home from work, he would come in between my ankles.

I started to care alot for him, and feel the attachment towards him.

However today when I came home, he’s no longer here. My sister have gave him away to someone else, I had to say cause it was afterall her idea to rescue Neko from his home and I didn’t agree it when they said yes.

I’m sad, I felt the lost. Whatever it is I do still love Neko and no other cat can ever replace him, he will probably be the first and last cat that I’m gonna say my pet.


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