behind the door..

she is a broken woman, trying to fit into her own skin. noone knows her story, cause she’s always laughing..

every night, she would cry herself to sleep. she wishes that everything would at least be a little bit better the next day. unfortunately, its never did and it got worsen.

she tried to seek help, but there’s noone out there to save her. she needs to save herself, but she’s no longer strong enough to hold on. so many times, she did tried to give up, but she somehow still manage to swallow all the pain and drag herself the next day.

day by day, she’s weathered. she wanna run away, but she’ve no where else to go.

she doesn’t have enough money to run away, she can barely save due to her low paying job and the high living cost of the country. everything is so expensive. public transport services can cost up $250 per month. she’s not smart enough to be proven on papers, changing jobs is hard enough. therefore she have to suck it up.

she doesn’t have alot of friends, friends that she can relay on or just lend a listening ear. they are either too busy with their own stuffs, or just using her for being a workaholic; they assume that she’s rich.

she have been a workaholic right off tertiary school. who goes to school full time, but have 2 part time jobs. before going to school heads to job no.1 at 07:30 and end at 12:00 goes to lesson from 13:00 till 17:00 and heads t job no.2 right off school which starts at 18:00 till 02:00. and its goes over and over again till she end school.

she believe that she had saved enough for her to get to her dreams, but everyone around just wants a part of it and at the end of the day is left to start back from stretch. that dream unfortunately faded away and it eventually died. she’s left devastated till today.


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