its been 10 years..

it was said that you know it will probably last forever when it past the 7 years mark. 

somehow, i didn’t believe it is real. however, someone came through.. 

i tend not to stay too long, after a chapter i would usually pack my stuffs and leave. most of the time, i never did look back to proclaim anything at all even a friendship that i could probably keep. to me, it was then and there and experience being made, lesson learnt and its time to move on.. 

i don’t keep in touch with alot of people from the past. well, there are those whom i thought were worthy enough i did kept in touch, and there are some with mutual understanding that just sticks around then and then. 

thus, to me people come and go, and i can’t stop them from coming or leaving. yes, there are people who i terribly missed throughout these years, but somehow i just gotta realize that some people just don’t want to stick around. and so we move on. 

moreover, the people who i call friends are of limited quantity but not quality. this make me treasure them more. 

last week, i went to dinner with a very long time friend, he is one of the longest ever i can say. 10 years of friendship, its long enough to say its been forever. 

i have somehow realized that, the friendship is still going on as we have mutual understanding. he knows that, i’m a workaholic ever since i started working at the age of 19. he practically knows that i probably have no life besides my work and training therefore he would like me to travel around the world with or without him.

frankly speaking, he’s like giving me the wings and its my decision on to take them or not and it will always be there for me no matter how long i take to make the decision. 

till to date, i’ve to make my decision even though he have been putting it out there for me for 2 years. 

somehow i frankly just wanna thank him for being a friend, not for the wings of course, but just being and not forgetting me. 

i remembered a few years back, i had a photography assignment and he was my assistant. i’m thankful for him supporting me, even when i’m just an beginner. ‘the black and grey production’ you call it, i was wearing grey jeans and a black top and you black jeans and grey top. 

even though we’ve known each other for 10 years, there’re still lots of things that we don’t know about each other. our personal life are somehow kept private, i don’t even know if he’s single or not or what’s his favorite color, but what i know is he’s a simple humble man, who would never fails to make someone think (in a good way). 

it has come to a point, that someday i will have to take on those wings and i hope it will be for my 26th birthday.. 

thanks fid 🙂 


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