even when i see ……


its 8.00am, and i’m the only one here, everyone else is going for staff retreat. and so i’m here stuck in the office alone till the end of the day just to finish all those work which are not mine to begin with but i just have to ‘help’ to finish their work. well, this the life of me..

its been a stressful week so far, but last week’s box session was awesome and i can’t wait for this week’s.

i’ve been doing crossfit since march 8th 2014 and its past 8 months. i can say that i’m little much better in my stamina. i’m able to complete almost 1 round of the running block without stopping, i’ve faith that by the end of the year with me consistently training and taking care of my diet, i believe that i’m able to complete 1 whole round.

frankly speaking, burpees are actually much more awesome than pull ups (which i’m stuck at for now, but still trying to push to do better). well, crossfit have been pushing me to push harder than i did ever before. its always been like i can squeeze one more rep into the wod before the timer goes off.

i been channeling my anger, fear and sorrows through crossfit and using them to push myself harder than i did the last wod.

those who do crossfit, are basically obsessed with it and for those who don’t think it is a crazy cult. to non-crossfitters it is terribly insane that we would shed tons of sweat, even blood and some probably to tears and at the end of it we would be like flies dropping down to the floor after the wod.

but whatever it is, to most crossfitters after rolling around on the floor it is sick but we feel awesome.

yesterday.. the look i got from a friend of a friend was.. however, i understood that somethings are just meant to fall into place. even we’ve been envisioning it for years, things might just change..

we can change our path but god lead us the way..


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