My resolutions…


Its been awhile, and it has been a rocky road so far while leading to the new year. Getting stuck in the office on weekends, and getting super busy in the store. Somehow, I did managed to do some sort of wod while doing work.

Firstly, it was Christmas celebration, got a cute charm from the coach. Shopping vouchers from my old job, accessories and all those other stuffs. Had gift exchange ceremony in the office, which was abit corny.

New year celebration wasn’t much, just tried to beat my last PR and tried to run faster and harder.

I was working from 22nd December 20114 till today 9th January 2015, its been hectic to the office and to the store, it repeats itself daily.

I feel shitty being stuck at work, and not able to hit to the gym or the box. Somehow I just need to hold the bar. Whatever the weight is, the iron just satisfied the hunger of shit-ness  that I feel..

My goals or resolution for the year.

  • Keep on with the paleo diet, and waking up early to cook lunch for work.
  • I know, I’m a workaholic. Its not to find another job, but to keep both and be more productive but don’t forgot about training. Work is work, but training is training.

Well basically, find meaning to life. Not expecting anything from anyone but myself, cause expectations will cause disappointments and probably a heartbreak.

With or without someone, I still have to find meaning to all..

And tomorrow it shall be the first box session I’ll have for the year.


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