and she almost died..


Saturday, a box day finally after two weeks of hectic schedule. Finally a break from the office and the store, probably some peace this week.

The box was packed, not surprise by it being January and all we are trying to be more healthy in a another way or another is to hit a gym. Well, one of the coaches noted that I should have came at 1000hrs, which I believed that it was not that packed at that period. Oh wells, I was having personal training at 1200hrs and my coach was still stuck with another class.

Over the months of me doing crossfit, was that if I ever was early or my coach is caught up with another class is to to my warm up and practice my double unders.

We AMRAP, EMOM, 105 reps of horror, it literally killed me after 2 weeks not going there. There were snatches, burpees, sit-ups, lunges, plate run, overhead squats, swings. I was lucky enough that the coaches did not know my birthday is on the 12th, or else I would be rolling all around the floor.

Its been awhile since I was the last to leave the box.

Somehow there was a period in which I felt like giving up on crossfit, giving up on training and be more workaholic than I ever, probably grab another job along the way. However it will make me lose out more in life, I’m already out of touch with it but crossfit had helped me to open that door for me to see that is more to life rather than being a workaholic.

I’m glad that 10 months ago I took all my guts and try out for crossfit and I’m hooked. I knew no one, and came alone to the box. I just keep calm and just go with it. Even today, I barely have a wod partner.

People have different priorities, we may have the same goals. Washboard Abs, Killer Quads and all that, to me that is under the ‘wants’ list, therefore my ‘needs’ list will be taking care of my diet and be there for training, and to there for training I have to plan my financially for it.

There is no point of me twitting or blathering my goals and aims to people, if I’m barely doing anything about it. Oh wells, I have been committed to crossfit and my taking care of my diet eversince I started crossfit. I don’t say that I do not have cheat meals, but I just know how much cheat I should take, and if its necessary or not.

I’m happy with being in the box I’m in and the coaches I have. I’m thankful..


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