and so its all gone..

I waited 48 hours for a sign. There was a line in saving a friendship or just to leave it behind. I assumed after all these years, you never did forgot about my birthday. You were always be the first one to wish. I guess I just had my hopes just way too high, and thought that you still care to wish..

I realized that the 7 years of ups and downs in our friendship or whatever relationship it was, its now just a phase which we had and that now its long gone. I do not know what went wrong, maybe I was wrong to stay in the first place..

In life we just have to make scarifies, and maybe this one is mine.

It somehow pains my heart cause people around me kept asking me about you, and what would be this year’s celebration would be with you. I remembered every year we would try out a new restaurant in town, rate the food and do people watching..

However this is different this year. I woke up at 0500hrs, and went for a jog a very long one, came home and started blasted music did some random static wod, and took  a really long bath..

On my birthday, I feel empty. Even with all those text and facebook notifications flooding my phone, I still feel that, something just was not right.

I realized that whatever we had was no longer there, and I’m left here without a word from you. Its heartbreaking that everyone else, even those I never thought that who would wish me, did wish me. And that one person who I wanted and hoped to wish me never did, not even a belated one.
Moreover I’m thankful for it have shown me that its time for me to go away..


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