The goal?


And yes, its been two Saturdays for me to be the last client to leave the box. The WOD hit me brutally, that on the 4th WOD, I puked. Its been a very long time since I last puked, and that was last year. However, that was after the WOD not in between or during.

Moreover, my coach told me to stop and not to push or else I’ll puke again.

Basically, it was just Burpees, Sit-ups, Back squat, Singles and Doubles and I had to give away the last WOD which was Wall Balls, Ring Rows and Singles. Sigh! Furthermore, the day was already messed up by the events happening around me.

However, I’m glad that I hit PR for my back squat. Awesome! Hitting more soon. Maybe someday in the future, my coach will have a day when I just have to hit 1 rep max for everything the whole day. It would probably be the happiest day! Well, we gotta to access the weights that I’m able to lift cause the numbers are all jumbled up, and so I know how much more I should push to reach my goals by mid year, and not the end of the year.

Its just the start of the year, and I’ve crushed two of my lifting goals resolution. We are making a whole new up the top next level weight to reach and I’m excited.

I find that in today’s society most guys are still doubt on ladies enabling themselves carrying heavy weights and at times lifting heavier than them. Well, I got called out as too muscular for carrying those weights.To them its still kindda taboo, for girls lifting and especially lifting more than boys.

Well, I broke the sterotype and accept that in my current society that they are still new to what I’m doing. I’m not out there seeking for their approval, but somehow or rather just the acceptance which still has a long way to take progress.

They can’t tell me to stop me or lifting much heavier or faster. Behind every lift is an untold story, and mine will be a mystery..

*maybe its just the way for me to find myself fading away.. 


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