maybe its way too deep..


Dear Hope and Faith,

I’ve lost you when I realized that I’ve lost a dear friend, that friend whom I thought I would held my last breath with. He caught me off guard, and left me hopeless for months. I never thought you would come by again, till the next lifetime.

I’m barely living, and holding on to whatever hope that I probably have left. I’ve lost faith so far long that I can remembered. Faith left me, when was so young. That young, wild and free me, lost every inch of faith when I was lied, cheated, and toyed with my emotions.

Thanks for the one I loved, he who took away my faith also took a little bit of hope in me. Then came a friend, who tried to restore my faith and whatever hope I’ve deep inside for years. Unfortunately, he took all the hope I’ve left.

I’m left devastated, out in the cold dark clouds. There were no light guiding me to where I should be or lead me back to both of you, faith and hope. For months, I sat here shivering trying to keep myself sane.

Moons pass, and I’ve learnt to live with the cold and harsh pain.

However, a star started to shine and there came someone. He somehow gave me a sheer bit of hope and faith. I started to feel warm, and full deep inside. Moreover, I’m terrified if I might lose him when the light were to go off. As, I don’t know how to keep the flame from dying off. I’m afraid if whatever I’m or will do in the present, pass or future might just lead him to walk away.

He have shown me light, to where the darkness was creeping at me at every inch. He held me with warm, when my heart is cold.

He made me hope for a happily ever after, and to chase the dream that I once had. Maybe, he’ll restore the faith I’ve. Only in time, I’ll know..

However, I’m not willing to lose my hope anymore especially with him, whom gave me light. Thanks Asyraf..




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