maybe its him..


We traveled till star shine so bright high up the sky, where our feet took us with open arms.

I’m happy and its been awhile since I feel the rush in my bones. Those butterflies in my tummy, so hard for me to compress. That feeling of wholeness, and I didn’t wanted it to go away. I wanted it to last forever..

And so, I gambled and suggested to catch 50 shades together. I was on the point of putting myself in danger of letting him probably taking an advantage of me, probably physical or mentally in his mind. In which he’ll think that I’m a whore or whatever sex related subjects that he might be thinking in his head.

Somehow, in my head I realized how insane I was to watch “porn” with someone whom I just met.Than again, we’re both adults and should be professional and thoughtful with whatever we do. It would probably be an experience in which we’ll be closer or further apart.

In addition on that very day, I put on that dash of red, on the black. Unlike the two other events, I just put on my after workout attire. I was dressed up for the occasion.

I’m somewhat excited, when he looked impressed. We headed for lunch, and went dutch. Well, to me being on a date doesn’t mean that he needs to pay for food. To me a date its about spending time and knowing each other, and not about the guys paying for the date.

It seems like our dates have its ritual of walking and walking. Even before the movie, we actually circled the diameter of the sports hub.

At the end of the movie, we were both caught in shocked in seeing an elderly couple whom are aged as our grandparents walked down the stairs of the cinema.

We walked from the cinema to the river, and I met an old friend. Throughout the three dates, or get-to-know session I had with him, I will never fail to meet up with some random guy friend of mine. First, Haiqal, next it was Patrick Ang and lastly its Gabriel Tan.

We sat by the river, talked about anything under the stars and even 50 shades. There were back rubs, neck rubs and hand rubs. It was kind of intimate, and we broke that personal space or boundaries that we once had.

Along the way, he serenaded under the stars. Its been years, remembering someone sang to me under the stars.He told me that he did not know how to react, when I suggested to catch that movie and somehow he just went for it as there was nothing to lose if we’re to watch it.

We walked and talked under the stars. Somehow I felt blessed at that point time, and I didn’t want it go. We reached Marina Barrage, and headed to Gardens by the Bay, MBS next. And lastly he thought of supper, at Marina Square but unfortunately we couldn’t get into MacDonals. We headed to Esplanade to grab a cab, he practically send me home first before heading home. I just have to hug him when I was getting out from the cab.

Well, I appreciate those gestures of the gentleman he is, and I’m not asking more as I’m pleased to accept whatever that is being laid out to me.

One month, unless good nights, three meet-ups, hours of talking and walking..

 I think I’m falling, therefore I’ll say I’m craving..


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