Its true that I’m falling, and therefore I’m afraid if its a one sided affair. I’ve been out in woods for too long, and I’ve just found a nice home, I’m not willing it to be taken away from me. I was learnt to strong and bold when I was outside, but when now I’m weak and vulnerable.

Love broke my heart more than ever I can imagine, and there I was left to myself to gain the love I ought to give myself but not to share my heart and soul with another.

However, there came the vicious vampire whom broke the spell that I’ve cursed myself with. He showed me the stars, like I’ve never see before. The warm touch that another soul that could probably feel. He showed me the world, like noone else did.

Moreover, these events got me off guard and the walls came down. My heart was left out and my soul got caught up in his eyes.

I saw the man inside the vicious beast, who tore my walls and now my spells can’t even work.

I believed that he might be the one who would hold my heart for the eternity.

I’m setting my old stuffs and pictures on private, I didn’t want him to be a part of my past or even I do not be stuck in it. Furthermore, I’m ready to move on with him, if he’s willing to take my hand and turn me into his kind.


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