that leap..


last night, the walls came tumbling down. we took a leap of faith, but whatever that comes in the future in time it will tell. both of us were living in the moment, and taking whatever chances that we have that very moment.

you looked at me and smile, like noone ever did. therefore it made me realized what i’ve been missing out all these time.

i wanted to hold you closer, but i was afraid that things won’t turn out to be the way i pictured it to be.

i’ve been lost and out of love for a long time, and i was not willing to be broken once again. the pain, i felt was through my bones and my heart was pierced by a dagger a million times.

there were those night, i just lay in bed feeling empty. no tears, no feelings at all and i just went blank. i didnt want those nights, to ever come by again. its too painful.

you held my hand, and i didn’t want to let go. i didn’t remember the last time i felt the warmth in between my fingers with someone’s else.

i never wanted it to end, but i didnt wanted my heart to break. the longer i’ll stay, the harder i’ll fall and the painfully i’ll be.

you didn’t say it.

yes, actions are louder than words. however, i just needed to hear that you felt the same and not doubt myself and my actions.

maybe in time i’ll know..

however, my heart is in your hands..


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