when i should have just said..


our friendship have been blooming close enough to 8 years, and today you told me something that i could’t just take my mind off..

we have seen too many heartbreaks in our lives, you were there for me and i was there for you. however we just never did consider each other before..

he was that one guy friend, who im just afraid to lose as our friendship is so strong and probably telling him how i really felt when i was around him then was a win win situation and i was not ready to lose him.

as the time pass we see each other grow in and out of passion, love and hope..

and today he told me, that if i were to tell him how i could actually feel about him. we would already have settled for each other, and i would probably would not get my heart shattered 9 months ago and currently confused on my feelings at star gazing.

it left me speechless, confused and wondering what and how it would be.

but whatever it is, im happy right now even though i do not know where i’m standing under the stars. moreover, i’ll just take my chances.

however, i will tell my dear friend on 1st July, as is the mark to the anniversary of your friendship, why i didnt.

by then, whatever happens, happens..


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