sitting on the tower by the beach, watching the ships, hearing the waves and feel the wind. they sat under the full moon, watching the clouds and stars in the sky above. she felt the warmth of love, she longed wish and hold, she never wanted to end. the tenderness of his touch, went through her bones.

he grinned while looking at her, and he smiles and that made her melt. she felt like home when he touched her. she felt that she was saved, when her hand was in his.

she told him how she felt, and that she have fallen deeply for him and that for whom he is.

he smiled, and hold her. he tucked her hair behind her ears.

somehow she still wonders if he didn’t feel the same way like she do. she left her heart out in the open, he is holding it but will he keep it safe and take care of it like it is his own.

she never thought that he would ever made her feel this way. butterflies filled her stomach, but the bugs in crawling in her heart, somehow she is terrified if she will be left broken, and be the unspoken.

however, she hopes that he would save her..


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