he put a smile on her face!


the touch of his skin, the gaze from his eyes got her her melted. she was left wanting more, but only time will tell, if she would be the one holding his hand. 

under the stars they laugh, hugged and almost kissed. they looked in each others’ eyes and embrace that very moment of silence, although there were cars driving pass. 

their fingers interlocked one and other, and it fitted nicely. 

she feels like is on cloud nine, and never she wants this to end. 

his touch was remedy to her deep sorrow pain. 

she have lost so much in the past. somehow she have faith that he, won’t let her down.. 

Went for another wrestling match, and was proud of him as he was doing his very best even though he didn’t really had that much training and practice over the last few months. However, he got pretty pissed on the last match as he didn’t managed to tackle the opponent.

However, I assured his that, whatever the outcome will be I’ll still be sitting on the stand, cheering and supporting him. Not just because I came to support him, but I believe that he is at his best no matter what the result will be.

The ironic thing was that, the last time on the last match, he injured someone by flipping the opponent and hit the table. And on this last match, he lost.

I’ve been in alot of sport events which I supported friends and fans. Somehow, I feel really damn special that he came back over after every match, I feel appreciated that I turned up. Most of the time I would just meet the competitors before and after the event, unless I’ll be back stage, which rarely happens. Moreover, it made me feel somewhat satisfied that I came over.

I realized that I was the only one who came for him.

And it was nice to be called nice once in a while.

And we got spotted by one of my colleague, and I went like “oh shit!” for that moment.

Being who cocky adults, having fun, being kinky and knowing each other even more, that is what we are 🙂


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