just a dream..


and so, last night I dreamt about someone in the past. someone who is longed gone, but only time will say if he’ll be back. he’s the brother who i never have, and somehow forever I cherish what he had thought me throughout the years when he was here.

its been awhile i’ve last seen him and spoken to him or even text him.

i just at times we move away from things which we never thought how the ending would be.

it was said that if you were to dream of someone, it means that, the person you are dreaming off is thinking deeply or misses you dearly. oh wells, i don’t know cause there’s no way of getting in touch with him at this current moment.

at times i do miss him, for the crazy dance moves we thought each other and the sob stories we share with each other. i do appreciate those times when i need a place to cave in, and cry out, he was there almost all the time.

unfortunately, i wasn’t. i was not that of a great friend or sister to him. i was always too busy at work and work, and i can say that i’ve let work take away my life.

it was when, i left him on his own and didn’t turn back for the fourth time (note: he eventually, got to me and pull me back for the first, second and third time, which i left). i realized that no matter how much i want to undo whatever i can and save him from he have become upon the situation, i was too late. he’s already out of reach, and beyond help. the only thing i can do was to pray for his well being.

for this, he made realized alot of things, one is to live life at the very moment and not to overwork myself as i might lose myself or those people i care if i carried on working like a mad woman like i did before..

well, in this dream i came into a home and was introduced to the people around and i spotted him, in a maroon shirt. he came up and smile and asked me how was i. before i even can answer him, i woke up.

i do not know what it meant, and somewhat i don’t wish to know as well cause our dear friend said that at the end of the day, he’ll pull me down to where he is right now just in a matter of time. i’m thankful for our dear friend’s concern, and sad to say that it’s somehow the truth.

at the end of the day we choose our own path, if we were meet once again in the future only time will tell.

however, you’ll still be the brother that i once cared about.


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