its the mark of 8 years being side by side, through the thick and thin..

its your 8 months being together with her..

its my 8 weeks being comfortable with him..

we could have it all, but we didn’t.

i’m happy with him, he’s everything you are not and you are nothing he can be or will ever be.

there’ll be no more us in the future, we should stop thinking of the ‘what if’ possibilities. you cheated, not once or twice and i never did fail to forgive you as i was afraid that wasn’t able to find someone who accept me for who I am and still be by my side.

but when you said you wanted to marry her, that was a call for me to pack my things and leave.

i practically just left everything behind, i didn’t want to leave a single bit of hope for whatever ‘what if’ lies for us anymore.

i’ve found myself a new home, where the arms hug me through my bone, the eyes sees through my heart. probably someday i can call it mine..

please don’t make me hope anymore, i’m still broken by you and he’s trying to fix me..


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