Only her personality?

Valentines Day Ideas And True Love Quotes Pictures (8)

We heard the crickets dances, as the dawn came breaking through the sky.

They held each other hand in hand, and the rest of the world seems small.

They felt the breeze passing by their skin.

Suddenly, they stopped..

He asked her, what does she made off them?

She questioned him back, what does this means to him and she didn’t want to assume anything that they are a thing when they are probably just out dating. On top of them, she wanted him to label them,

He stole a kiss from her, and she knew that this is a new beginning..

Their lips touched, tongue got twisted by one another, the small pecks on the necks.

She felt that she was in cloud nine..

She want to hug him tight all day long..

Somehow in the back her head, she still wonders where she stands..

Cause he said he like her personality..

What if someday, she ran out of questions to ask and things to say, there’s nothing new to try out..

Would he still be by her side, or would he be long gone even before she held that last hug

She is still hurt..

She is still unsure..

Where will he take her..

Will she be broken again..


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