Dear Wrestler,

When I met you, it didn’t cross my mind that you’ll mean this much to me but you did.

Thanks for everything. You have given me hope when I’ve lost everything, my dreams, my will and my strength to carry on. I’ve been wearing on too many masks all these while telling myself that I’ll be okay and I’ll be fine, probably things will be alright someday. Moreover, in reality I know that I will not.

You might not be my first love, but you’re the first one ever who makes me feel that I’m truly loved. Frankly speaking, I’ve never felt this before. Life has been hard and love was a ghost before you came.

I’ve been cheated, played, put in the dark and left in the cold for way too long from what I can remember. Easy to say I barely have the faith that someone is out there for me. Someone who love and accept me for who I am, see the light in me, and someone to share my everything with, my hopes and dreams.

The thought of you leaving or cheating on me kills me and it seriously freaks me out.

I feel safe, I feel home in your arms. I have always wished I can hug you longer and every single day. Somehow, those hugs make assured me that everything will be alright. I love those hugs from behind up the escalators. I love the hugs, when I want to let go but you’ll hug tighter.

I love when I can be myself when I’m with you and I need not be someone I’m not. I can always do my random crazy accent, and you can laugh about it. I can tell you what my dirty mind was thinking, and you never judge me.

You tell me before that you are happy; you got someone to talk too, someone to share things with and someone to do things with. You said you are lucky to have me. Well, I am too…

Wrestler, you have given me back my hope, dreams and will power to change for the good to be what I wanted to be. To chase the dream which was far long gone…

And I want this to be forever and never want this to end.

I love you…


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