this too shall pass….


its been mentally draining these couple of days, and the coming weeks too. i’m fighting a battle that no one knows about, and its killing me day by day.

the feeling of dropping everything on the floor, run and never come back flashes into my mind as a very good idea. however, it might be temporary, cause the tendency of me repeating the process again is very high. its time for me to take a chance and twist abit.

maybe this phase of being pushed with loads of crap will pass soon. however, there are so many countless time when i just wanna breakdown and cry on my own desk just by looking at the emails, texts and work load on my desk. its heartbreaking.

i used to worked too much, till i don’t even know what time it was, and eventually got kicked out of the office for staying in too late.

there were things that i could have done differently in the past, that would have probably have made me move easily. however, i choose to take the road less taken, and take my chances in everything.

moreover, i do not regret the path i have chosen, as it is what i thought was right at that point of time.

somehow, i am pretty happy with where i am right now. it could have been worst, but i guess hard work pays off.

yet somehow, i still question myself what is my job scope, and what is my pay cheque?


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