just another day..


Its been awhile, the load is getting heavier for the ATF 2015 Throwdown. Its my first Crossfit Competition in the Open, and its being all paid for from my coach. I would like to thank her, on helping me to push my limits and Asyraf for believing me that I can. Thanks to my Wrestler, for helping me to train up for it and every kiss after every workout done made me want to do better. ThanksĀ to my WOD partner, for making me push myself to be a better person, and not the person I wanna to be, and take chances and not to put excuses. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Even if you’re sick, there’s no reason for you to stop doing crossfit. You just have to drop the level of intensity lower.

I’m weeks out from the challenge, and I’m confident enough that I’m able to do them. Therefore, I’m doing my best to be best and the top view.

Besides being busy from Monday to Sunday, can literally kill me. For all that’s worth, it will pay back big time soon! Hopefully, the tension will gradually decrease after the Throwdown, which is also after the Wrestling matches. However, I would not stop the training as I need to be prepare for whatever throwdown there will be in the future.

I’m glad and blessed that I’ve someone who is able to coach me, push up higher, make me work harder and hold my hands at the same time.

I can’t deny that have fallen deeply to him, that it made me pull down all the walls I ever have. I’m baring it all to him, cause I feel that its the best for me. Here, there are no games, no hinting but just straight forwardness. I like how generally insane I can be towards him, and how he can be towards me.

We will see rainbows, while we are holding hands..


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