and deep inside you cried..


sometimes, you questioned yourself if it’s worth it all to take your chances. it is just a phase that will fade soon, or will be forever?

you closed your eyes, trying to find your inner mind and seek the peace from within. trying your very best not to think that you’re hurt. and so shut off..

you’re scare to leave, cause you have tore all your wall down and there’s no protection left to save you from this war. the only thing you can do is surrender and scarified yourself and your heart.

however you question where you should be, when now you feel you’re left behind and became an option most of the time.

it hurts you that once things are getting comfortable, you are being taken easy because they know that you won’t run away and you’ve nowhere else to go except to stay here.

i breaks your heart when simple things aren’t a ritual anymore. you treasure those doings, but somehow you got a feeling it will not happen anymore in the future.

things are changing, and it pains you..

when you’re willing to give up your life away for them, but they are not..

somehow you wonder where you stand..


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