how long would this take?


and she let all her guard down, as he convinced her that he’ll be her light no matter what it takes. he’ll be there to wipe her tears, and hold her cold hands in his and kept her warm. she tore down her wall, leaving nothing else to guard her. she left her heart out in the open, and was confident that he’ll take good care of it. 

she was the one who used to smile like no other, and no one saw that she had build the great wall of china surrounding her. she’s her own warrior and she fought her own battle. 

however, her bones got weak and she can barely hold on to those walls. 

she cried even harder, and it last longer throughout the night. she hoping her heart would stop, and at least die behind her wall of honor. moreover no one would know who she really is, and so they’ll pain a beautiful picture of her instead of just a plain canvas splashed with black paint.

there’re too many horror stories that made her who she is. she was left out there in the blistering winter, with little to keep her warm and her heart was eaten out of her.

somehow she wished that she was back at where she was, before she was broken. she did hope things will come around.

it was far too long to wait, but she still kept her heart out there only for the touch of snow which made her build up those walls.

suddenly a pair of warm harm went through the walls and hold on to her. he made her break the walls, throw away her mask and wiped off those tears and blood away from her. he made her felt whole, as if she wasn’t broken at all.

 he showed her the light which was far long gone, and that she thought she would never see it before.. 

she believed that tearing down the walls would be the best thing, as she was naive for the warm and light that she had a touch of. 

that wall which was built for her past mistakes, waiting in the dark for 7 years and hoping that things might get better someday. she scarifies too much within the years, somehow she never did gave up. she believed that good things takes time. and so it time she said to herself.. 

that day did came, but it was too late. the one she was hoping for to come back, walked away and will not ever return. she kept all her emotions inside and walked the other direction. somehow, at the back of her head and the bottom of her heart, she hopes it will come around and chase after her.

and so she kept walking while building her wall. as the day past her hope wears thin..

she met someone, who tore down the walls..

someone she has a feeling that she is back to where she was. however, she kept telling herself its a phase and somehow it will go away. a part of her believe that he’ll come around when everything is settled down, however a part of her questioned till when will it be. she lost 7 years of herself, how long would this take?


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