maybe in time..


Its been awhile..

I’m a little disappointed, by being introduced in a way I was just did. It is sort of hurtful.

But actions and words were rather contradicting. Well..

I’ve accepted the fact that of how much I really mean to him when he didn’t turn up for my first Crossfit Competition. And yes, I’m broken knowing that I only mean so much to him.

I resigned, whatever come comes..

Tonight, I’m putting my emotions aside to celebrate his birthday with him. Probably giving myself up, and let things just be how it will be.

Although, I’m tired, I wanna put it all aside cause I’m starting to fall deeply for him and I want to make him happy. Even though I know that I’m giving up on things which that there will be no turning back.

Tonight will be his night. It is the first, or maybe it will be last.

It is just me letting things falling to place.


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