when the truth hurts..


I don’t know what I should feel anymore, I was really hurt on what he said. It was a deal breaker, and I felt that I should end all these feeling and not bringing it forward if he wasn’t able to accept for how I am.

If a person were to love me on the inside, but it’s always been a sore eyes in the outside. I guess at the end of the day nothing would change.

I put my heart on the sleeve and it was already broken.

I was left speechless, and sat there crying at the remark that was given to me. I was already trying to put myself together from what that had happened on the other side of my life. And I wasn’t sure how to react to what he said, only to let the tears fall.

At that moment, I was feeling everything at once. I was angry, sad and happy at the same time. Angry at myself, to let myself fall so hard. Sad at what he said, and happy that he told me the truth.

I felt numb.

I knew I had nowhere else to go, except to shut myself out from the world.

But seeing him cry, knowing that the truth was the best for me. I wipe my tears and hold on to whatever I can.

He was truthful, but hurtful.

Somehow we managed through it..


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