went to a wedding, where i know both bride and groom for quite sometime. they have made and also helped me went through a few obstacles in my life. i’m amazed on how far they have gone on being in a mutual relationship for 8 years, before they tied the knot today.

it triggered me, that it would have been or what if it happen, when i saw his friend being one of the groomsman. i felt detached from the from the whole event. i didn’t thought that the bits and pieces of the past would be still lingering around the present.

my heart wasn’t longing and wondering of the past, and i’m sort of glad that the past is the past and i’m making a new future plans with my wrestler, and not the bodybuilder.

i able to say, i’m much more happier now from what i was before, wondering and hoping of things which are uncertain. we could have planned a lot of things in the past, which venue to have the wedding, how the wedding would be and what is my dress and how my ring is, but if we didn’t even start anything major and it simply means nothing. i could simply say we are friends, bringing ideas together.

but now, it’s not about the wedding, the dress or rock on the ring. i guess being older, made me much wiser. it’s the meaning of the wedding not all the other stuffs. i’m very sure that my guest will just include close family members and just a number of friends.

here, i’m with someone whom i taking a huge step with. every date i have with him is spontaneous. there were a few dates, which made us even more intimate than people who are sleeping with each other. i’m looking forward to the future, where next year would probably be a trip overseas and opening up a shared account

i’m happy, thankful for what 2015 have brought to me.


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