he have made me cried once, but wipe my tears a million times. hold me close, when i felt so far. held my hands, when i wanted to let go.

there are things he have done, that i never thought and expected him to do. some made me happy, some made me sad and disappointed, and there were some that made me question myself.

we have planned things, some have passed, some for the present and some for the future. however, we will see what the future holds for us. we can plan whatever we want, but the future will show us all.

all i know is that, i’m done starting things all over again and i deeply hope that this will last till the end of time.

it probably sounds mushy and naive, but it is true. starting something new is not my cup of tea, i don’t really like change unless its a good change,

under the stars, i looked into your eyes and see the sparks in them. somehow, i wanna hold you close and never wanna let go. hoping that the night would not end. you mean a lot to me and i don’t know how i could i fell so deeply for you.

i just wanna lay by your side, hearing your heat beating under stars. it would be the lullaby to my sleep..

thank you my wrestler.


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